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Our Warranty & Repair Terms


Tech Fix is pleased to provide you with 6 months' warranty on any repairs performed. This warranty covers any malfunction on parts installed and processed at our store.


-Please note that the warranty does not cover:


  • Any physical damage, including but not limited to cracked or broken screens, damaged LCDs, etc.

  • Faults unrelated to the original repair performed at Tech Fix.

  • We are unable to warranty LIQUID DAMAGED devices and/or repairs.

  • Repairs that customer provide parts for.


-Warranty is considered void under the following circumstances:


  • If the phone is undergo any physically damaged after repair at Tech Fix

  • If the device undergoes repair at any retailer other than Tech Fix after our store's initial installation and repair processes

  • Hardware failures acquired after the initial repair process, such as non-working, damaged, or severed home button and/or biometric scanner

  • All kinds of liquid damage to the device after its repair process

-Waterproof (resistant) after repair. Once your device receives any sort of physical damage the original  water seal is compromised. This leaves your device more susceptible to water entry and corrosion (damage). Although we do our best to create a new water barrier when we reseal the device, we recommend keeping your device away from water as much as possible.

-All deposit paid for parts ordered are non-refundable.

-Any devices left unclaimed for more than 30 days will be considered abandoned and claimed as property -of Tech Fix.

We look forward to providing with the best repair and customer service experience!

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